Exploring RIPTA’s transition from diesel to electric buses using an acoustical lens

Exploring RIPTA’s transition from diesel to electric buses using an acoustical lens

This fall, students at Brown University will be conducting an exposure assessment, examining how the electrification of RIPTA’s bus fleet will impact Rhode Island’s environmental soundscape.

Research Goals

• We will gain a better understanding of how electrifying the RIPTA bus fleet will impact Rhode Island’s environmental soundscape.

• We will understand this process by soliciting feedback from four viewpoints from people: recalling their last RIPTA trip, who live near RIPTA bus lines, who want to share their thoughts about electrification, who want to share general thoughts and feelings about noise in Rhode Island.

• We will conduct this study using the following lenses:

– Health, wellness, and safety

– Inclusion and accessibility

– Education

• We will highlight local businesses that are accessible via RIPTA.


• Currently, we are measuring sound levels on RIPTA bus routes and in communities that are near RIPTA bus lines.

• We will create a detailed visualization and report of our findings.

• Using environmental noise as a key factor, starting a discussion about what lines should be prioritized and why.

Meet the Team

Research Output

City of Providence Neighborhood Noise Report Card

Last fall, we mapped out sound levels in Providence and created the city’s first ever Neighborhood Noise Report Card! Download our report card, here!

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