About us

Community Noise Lab is interested in understanding a variety of environmental factors at and round illegal dumping sites across Mississippi. This includes the cities of Jackson (the West Jackson neighborhood), Pascagoula, Lexington, and Picayune. We are also interested in cataloging illegal dumping sites and measuring a variety of environmental factors (e.g. soil quality) at each site and in the residential areas immediately surrounding them. Our goal is to share this data via our open-source data repository, which is expected to launch by the end of the summer 2024. Site cataloging and all environmental analysis is conducted by high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in Jackson and in Providence at our laboratory space in West Jackson. If you have notice an illegal dumping site in your community, please use our reporting tool to report it. In addition to adding it to our data repository, students will travel each reported site and collect a variety of environmental measurements.


The Community Noise Lab Activity Book Series currently consists of three activity workbooks for both children and adults: Protect and Preserve (sound and hearing hygiene), From the Ground to the Glass (water quality); and Light. Blight. Sight (visual quality).

Light. Blight. Sight will be out in July 2024. It covers a the ocular and neuro anatomy and discusses a variety of community visual pollution sources.  As with all activity books, Light. Blight. Sight will be available for FREE!

Community Notes