About Us

About Us

Community Noise Lab is currently located at the Brown University School of Public Health. Overall, our lab’s primary aim is to holistically explore the relationship between community noise and health by working directly with communities to support their specific noise issues using real-time monitoring and exposure modeling; our smartphone app, NoiseScore, which allows users to objectively measure and subjectively describe noise events in their community; community noise surveying via our National Neighborhood Environmental Noise Survey; laboratory-based experiments, and community engagement activities. We are also interested in other community-level exposures including visual pollution, air pollution, and water quality.

Our lab’s actions center on the following overarching goals: situating our work within a real-world setting; using these real-world experiences to assist with creating tangible, meaningful, and exclusive environmental policy; challenging existing (or creating new) policy by evaluating not only how sound is impacting community health but how it measured, regulated, reported; creating useful and accessible research tools, situating community noise issues into the larger environmental exposure paradigm; working with a diverse group of academics, residents, and students in fields ranging from engineering and communications to neurology and urban planning; more deeply understanding environmental justice and health inequities.


Unite. Evaluate. Take Action

One inequality at a time. One community at a time.



Come work with us!

We are looking for diverse and passionate researchers from all areas and walks of life. If you are interested in working with our lab, you can reach out to Dr. Erica Walker at erica_walker@brown.edu.

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